Patriotic Yak Grand Opening!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday, July 3 at 7 pm SLT

Join DJ Shini as we celebrate an all red-white-red-white-blue grand opening of the new Yak on Piper Point! Canada Day was Thursday, July 4 is Sunday....let the flags and chants of USA! and CANADIAN WORLD DOMINATION! commence.

Shini will be playing Rolling Stone's top 50 songs of all time....there should be plenty of selections to agree and disagree with.

Contest for best patriotic outfit!


Wellstone website is up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to the new Café Wellstone web page!

I am sure before you have even read a single word; you have actively scanned this site to see what was here. Does it have this or that? With the demise of the ning, it became necessary for us to set up an alternative site for our members. Our friend Jane has gratefully donated this site. Our own domain name! What this means is that this web page can evolve, change to become anything we like while still retaining the same address and making it easier on our membership to find. This is still however just a starting point for us. I am not a technical person and so leaned heavily upon blogger to set up an initial template, but as time goes on, we will have a much better lay out established. Anyways, there is a lot to cover so lets get started.

MISSION STATEMENT: In keeping with the General's philosophy of Cafe Wellstone and his wishes to see it continue to be a community of liberal social and political action in Second Life, CW's mission statement is:
Cafe Wellstone in Secondlife endeavors to provide a space for progressive thought and action. By creating and promoting programing which provides factual information and inspires political discourse, we wish to inform & inspire people to become more politically aware and active at all levels of government : local, regional and National.

In coalition with other similar groups it is our desire to not only educate people on matters of social conscience and liberal beliefs, but to also inspire those individuals to become activists in real life for causes that matter to them in the real world.

We have boldly posted this in the upper left corner to remind ourselves of why many of us are here, as well, to help us plan and steer our path in the future.

Now for blog details:


I have placed multiple links menus.

1- First, any Wellstone member who has a blog will also have a link on this site. Your own blog need not necessarily be political to be here. Through this site we wish to highlight every one of our members.
2- Second. Friends of Wellstone. Those websites which represent other groups that work within Secondlife with a liberal agenda. Many of our members belong to outside groups and these too will be highlighted.
3- Lastly, links of note. These links will feature the blogging world, or news or some other liberal train of though that we wish to highlight. Many Wellstoners do have outside interests and we wish to express that here as well. This list has to be limited however to sites that in some way honor our mission statement. Not that I don’t have a passing interest in dog grooming for instance, but it is not exactly the type of link we are looking for.

The current list of links we have up is far from complete. I need your help. If you have a site you wish to be up here, including your own website or blog, please send it to me and I will place it up as soon as I can.

Reader On far right you will see I have placed a blog reader. All members who have blogs will be included here. So yes, we will have both the active link to your site as well as a continuous read of it going on.

Calendar At the very bottom of this page is a calendar by Google. Through this calendar we wish to openly display ongoing events being held by Wellstone or any of the Wellstone friends. You can read the calender as is, or if you have a google account, sign up to this calender in order to receive email notices as events occur. Several individuals will maintain this and try to keep events listed in line with our mission statement.

Center page/news/information
This will of course will be used to highlight events and news that occur within the Wellstone group. It will not necessarily be limited to that though and as we actively work within Secondlife it may be used for much more.

Up in the upper left hand, is a tiny little link to a forum. Forums of course serve a purpose that the rest of this page can not properly handle. It allows general discussion, annoucements that might not appear under the general calender, etc. Currently there is no forum though and is a work in process..please be patient.

And now the general news and updates of Wellstone

Wellstone has been in transition lately, and it's time to update everyone.
The Wellstone group as everyone knows was set up by Jesus General. In a way, he used this as an extension of his current blog but it became more than that as time went on. We became a real community of like minded people. Some months back Jesus General decided he needed to concentrate on his life outside of Second Life due to Real Life activities/priorities he had going on. He still has an avatar here but is not currently active. Before he left though, as sole owner of Wellstone, he turned everything over to Michelle and a few of us so that Wellstone need not pass away. He believed in the community and felt these individuals could best keep the place running while staying true to his vision, which was to provide a place for liberal thought, content and social activities in Second Life.
We are not the most talented people (look who they picked to build the website..ha!) but all of us believe in this community. We have many ideas, and know that many of you do as well. The strength of the community is the thing and we believe Wellstone will continue for some time to come, growing, and becoming more active. Currently our rock has been dancing liberally on Fridays but we all see that we could be more. If you have events that fit the mission statement, or you want to contribute to CW's strength, talk to us!


Jackson Street Books Serves Ravens Brew

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bookem Jackson and her husband Dano are now serving up Ravensbrew Coffee at their reading Hall. Lacamas reading all is the site of several inworld author readings, and Bookem felt this brand of coffee would be a perfect fit, while confessing she had a certain weakness for the artwork of the company.


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